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Enrollment Application

Does student's health histoy include:
Can your child swim?
Has student ever had COVID-19 or any of its variants?
Has student been vaccinated for COVID?
Do you grant permisson for student to appear in Academy promotional material?
Do you grant permisson for Academy official to contact student's school on their behalf?
Do you grant permisson for student to be transported by Academy officials to functions taking place off campus?
Would you be willing to participate in meetings/workshops for parents/guardians?
Most recent report card.
Most recent physical exam.

We will conduct a fitness regime and need assurance the student is physically fit. Please make sure exam form includes doctor's signature. 

 BMOGS Scholarship Application


Email Address*

What High School did you attend?*

What year did you graduate?

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Please list any groups, clubs, sports or other extra-curricular school activities you participated in. *

Please list any non-school related associations or groups you are involved with.ext Long

Please list any volunteer experience you may have.

Please email the following items to

BMOGS Membership Application




Email Address*

Educational Background*


Hobbies and Personal Interests

Please tell us why you believe your membership in this organization will benefit the youth we serve.*

Please tell us how many hours you are willing to donate on any given weekend or weekday. Please include if your contribution would be in the form of time, skills, mechanics, administrative duties or committee involvement. *

A $50 non-refundable application fee is required. Please check this box to signify that you agree to pay the fee and to attest that the information provided is accurate. Thank you.*


 BMOGS WEB DuBois Academy Job Application




Email Address*

Position Desired *

Qualifications and Skills*

Professional/Personal References*

Other Considerations

Do you consent to a CORI background check? *

Covid Vaccination *

Please tell us how you learned about this work opportunity.

Please check the box below to attest that the information you have provided is true and accurate.*

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