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The Black Men of Greater Springfield 




We Are Dedicated to Mentoring Black Youths

Mission Statement 

The purpose of the Black Men of Greater Springfield is to bring together people who share common goals of fostering excellence, improving the quality of life and maximizing the potential of Black youth.

The B.M.G.S.’s goal is to keep minority males, through the W.E.B. Dubois Academy and other programs, poised to take advantage of opportunities for meaningful activities, higher education and rewarding career ladders.

The B.M.G.S.’s organization has captured the attention of minority males who may be most vulnerable and has mentored them through tutoring, workshops, sporting and cultural events, field trips, and camping experiences. These activities provide hope, encouragement, and a positive example of what students can accomplish if they are willing to work and stay on the upward path.

We foresee, in the not too distant future, a cadre of young, caring, male adult citizens resulting from this movement. We believe that through the development of strong citizens and a sense of citizenship, we will help to create a better and stronger community. 

 We also proudly support and provide services to girls. 

Call us to find out how our Unity Grants and new co-ed baseball program are serving girls in our community.  

Guiding Young Black Males
Toward a Brighter Future 

The Black Men of Greater Springfield was founded in Springfield, Massachusetts in April, 1991. Our organization focuses on providing positive experiences and activities for black youth. We are dedicated to exposing our students to highly successful African-American role models that emphasize their ability to achieve and become contributing members of our community, society and the world. All Brothers of good moral character are welcome. Baby brothers need you!

What We Do 

Building Connections That Matter 

At Black Men of Greater Springfield, we are committed to forging meaningful bonds and relationships between our adult mentors and young mentees so they can truly feel the support and encouragement to pursue their hopes and dreams. We offer our youth services and mentoring opportunities in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Our Officers 

  • William Zachary, President
  • Roy Goodman, Vice President
  • Michael Blake, Treasurer
  • Leo Foster, Secretary
  • My-Ron Hatchet, Clerk and Correspondence Secretary
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